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Old School Photos

1951 - 52

!951 - 52

1952 - 53

1952 - 53

Thanks to Brian Anderson for the above 2 photos

Coalsnaughton Primary School 1949 ? Duncan ? Anderson Ella Sneddon Billy ? F Simpson W Murray ? Archibald R Snaddon W Drysdale H Oliver W Beaton A Snaddon ? Henderson ? Allen T Law ? Snaddon

Coalsnaughton Primary School 1949 - thanks to William Drysdale for this photo

Primary 7 Tillicoultry Primary School 1965 / 66 Ronald Napier Eddie Haines Drew McInally Sandra Weir Shona Miller Robert Whitehead Ian McGowan Robert Gray Billy McMurray Gregor McLean Michael Hodge Stewart Murray Anne Allan Ian McGregor Colin McGregor Mickey Weir (Redfern) Joe (Paddy) McSherry Linda Thomson Davina McEwan Rosemary Allan Margot McLean Hazel Spence Jane McDonald Andrina Roy Barbara Murray Lesley Diggle

Primary 7 - 1965/66 - move your mouse over the faces to see the names

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Tillicoultry Primary School early 60's Andrina Roy Barbara Murray Maureen Rimmer Hazel Spence Margot McLean Rosemary Allan Brian Smith Alistair Wilson Ian McGowan Michael Hodge Billy McMurray Gregor McLean Andrew Campbell Victor Henderson Stewart Murray Robert Whitehead Joe (Paddy) McSherry Colin McGregor Elaine Abbott Jacqueline Aitken Shona Miller Beth Snedden Davina McEwan Linda Thomson Margaret McCaig Andrea Kerr Ian McGregor David Morrison Anne Allan

Primary School, early 1960's

???? Ernie McGlashan Ronnie Turnbull Gavin Watson John Moran Brian ? Greig Davidson ???? David Abbott Jon Geddes Jim McGlashan James Muirhead Neil Parker Norman Thomson Neil Simpson Peter Roy Roberta Paterson Isabel Forsyth Joyce Jack Janice McInnes Irene Harvey Anne Honeyman Sandra Flannagan Sandra McInally Anne Inglis Gordon Murray Marion Kerr

1963 Primary 7 class - thanks to Sandra Tasker (Flannagan) for this one

in an infant classroom Lorraine Lawson John Bain Gregor Paterson Rhona Snaddon Brian Hunter Lorna Thomson Laura Foster Amy Davison Angie Hunter Kenneth Maxton Paul Hamilton Lynn Mercer Jim Honeyman Lesley Thomson in an infant classroom

a hockey team Grace Mitchell Sandra Flannagan Susan McKay Yvonne Dunbar Sandra McInally Joan Smith Lynn Wilcox Margaret Dunean Anne Honeyman Irene Harvey Roberta Paterson Beth Young

Have you any old school photos you would like to see on this site ? If so please e mail them for inclusion - please include a list of all the names of those in the photo if possible

Schooling in Tillicoultry through the ages