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a view of tillicoultry

Robert Burns and his connection to Tillicoultry

Robert Burns and his friend, Adair visited Harviestoun, in the parish of Tillicoultry in 1787. At this point Mrs and Miss Hamilton, the mother and sister of Gavin Hamilton of Mauchline in Ayrshire were also staying there. Together they all visited areas of beauty along the banks of the Devon. While staying at Harviestoun Burns wrote 2 poems, "The Banks of the Devon" and "Fairest Maid on Devon Bank". Burns fell for the charm and beauty of Charlotte Hamilton but she was more attracted to Burns' friend, Adair whom she later married

Fairest Maid on Devon Banks

(Tune : Rothiermurchie)

Chorus : Fairest Maid on Devon Banks,
Crystal Devon, winding Devon,
Wilt thou lay that frown aside
And smile as thou were wont to do?

Full well thou know'st I love thee dear
Could thou to malice lend an ear?
O did not Love exclaim, "Forbear,
Nor use a faithful lover so"


Then come, thou fairest of the fair,
Those wonted smiles, O let me share;
And by thy beauteous self I swear,
No love but thine my heart shall know.


The banks of the River Devon

The Banks of the Devon

How pleasant the banks of the clear winding Devon,
With green spreading bushes and flow'rs blooming fair!
But the bonniest flow'r on the banks of the Devon
Was once a sweet bud on the braes of the Ayr.
Mild be the sun on this sweet blushing flower,
In the gay rosy morn, as it bathes in the dew
And gently the fall of the soft vernal shower,
That steals on the evening each leaf to renew!

O spare the dear blossom, ye orient breezes,
With chill hoary wing as ye usher the dawn;
And far be thou distant, thou reptile that seizes
The verdure and pride of the garden or lawn!
Let Bourbon exalt in his gay gilded lilies,
And England triumphant display her proud rose:
A fairer than either adorns the green valleys,
Where Devon, sweet Devon, meandering flows

A view of the River Devon


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