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a view of tillicoultry

Tillicoultry Quarry

Tillicoultry Quarry is situated to the west side of the Mill Glen. Although quarrying no longer takes place the quarry is still very prominent on the hillside.

Tillicoultry Quarry 1975The working quarry in 1975

"BGS image is reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey
Permit number IPR/68-32CW"

Technical details of the rock produced in the quarry are provided by the British Geological Survey as follows :

Quartz-dolorite of the Ochil Fault-intrusion forms the face to the left of the photograph. Lavas, hornfelsed by an adjacent diorite intrusion, occur at the right (north). Contact of dolerite and hornfels passes up the right side of the prominent rib of rock to skyline. Quartz-dolorite forms a reliable source of good road metal(aggregate). A variety of current and former crushing plant is seen on the left, while behind and to the left are stockpiles of aggregate The Ochil Fault-intrusion comprises five irregular, discontinuous, pod-loke bodies of quartz-dolorite intruded along the plane of the Ochil Fault. Hornfelsed rocks are rocks that have undergone recrystallization due to the heat from a nearby igneous intrusion, they are said to have undergone contact metamorphism

The photographs below were taken in August 2005 from the glen path

looking into the quarry  The Quarry  the north face of the quarry

looking into the quarry from the Glen looking into the quarry